Game Online & Controls is an online multiplayer game in which you have to use your chosen colors to paint the page. You need to expand in the arena as much as possible, and subjugate all the other players.  Each time you defeat a foe, use a paper block and get bigger in size. You would have to fight against live players from across the globe, and keep a watch on their movements. Do not be tempted to go for more at one time, as it will end up making you vulnerable. It is important to prove that you are the real player in this game.

How To Play Game?

You have to sneak into the lands of your foes and conquer the same. The objective is to increase your own land in terms of area and ensure that you can get your territory expanded as the game proceeds. You lose if any of your foes hits your line as you are busy conquering other lands. Be careful as you try to increase the area of your land and be the undisputed ruler of this IO game. is a web-based HTML5 game that can be played on Chrome and Safari browsers. The game is playable on tablets and smartphones.

What Are Controls?

You can use various controls to maneuver the game.

  • On computers, make use of Arrow keys to move your box across the screen.
  • When you are playing on a smartphone, make use of the tap buttons that are there inside the screen.

Things To Remember While Playing The Game

While you can immediately be an expert on the game, keep in mind that your tail is a vulnerable spot. If someone touches your tail, it will end the game for you. Similarly, if you touch the tail of a player, it will end the game for him that very instant.

At the start of this game, you are the owner of an extremely small-sized block. However, you have to also control a box that is movable. You have to capture territory to be able to add the same to your controlled block. If you wish to do that, simply create a line and then link back the same to the territory that you are an owner of. As you do so, make sure that you never touch your own line. Else, you will die and will end for you.

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