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An online game, needs you to face off against many players and claim their land to be able to increase your territory. It is an interesting game in which you have to always be cautious of other players sneaking into your territory and make you cross the colored trail that you create throughout your trip. However, the bug is an annoying glitch that can ruin your playing experience and make you end up as a loser.

What Is The Bug?

Since is a new and online game, it may have bugs from time to time. These bugs generally affect players negatively. For this reason, game makers try to solve these problems in both web and mobile applications.

The bug is a glitch in the game that can make you lose your territories in a flash. You can suddenly discover that the land that you have covered has gone to 5% from 70% in just a second. This can be a very bad experience for anyone who plays For no reason, you will have to encounter the automatic removal of a large amount of space that you have covered already in the game. bug

What Are The Different Bugs for game is a really fun online io game. Many jobs play this game on both desktop and mobile applications. The app has lots of bugs, which makes it bad to download and play for IO game aficionados.

  • Due to these glitches, you may be killed inside your own land without any reason.
  • Other than making territories disappear, the bugs also make the game freeze and crash for no reason.
  • When the territories disappear, you cannot know whether you are on your own land or of some other player’s.
  • If you happen to be a bot that is on the edge, you can have your own piece get stuck in just there. You lose automatically in case a bot happens to be stuck there and you try destroying the same.
  • A bug makes a white line arise in the game.
  • There is also a bug that makes two bots in opposition to each other run over the properties over each other.
  • A specific bug makes you die and then watch a commercial to obtain another opportunity to continue with your present achievements. However, sometimes after watching the ad, you die instantly. That makes sitting through the commercial pointless.

How To Get Over The Bug Experience?

You can try playing on an unblocked server, which is a private server meant to enhance your game playing experience in many ways. This will be an easy way to get over your bug experience. If you haven’t found the solution for the bug yourself, you should reach the game makers via e-mail or Twitter, explain your problem and wait for the appropriate solution from them. However, playing on the mobile app can make you suffer the bugs. If you’re playing the game on mobile, we recommend installing any new updates.

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