Apk For Android Users apk is a survival IO game in which you have to conquer new territories and kill all other players to be the winner. apk is the Android installation file for this game that can be set up on any Android-based device – smartphone, tablet, etc, and played whenever, wherever needed. The game is from the developer that calls itself Voodoo and has offered successful games like Bool and Quiz Run in the past. In this article, we will talk about the Android game and free download.

What Can Apk Offer You?


  • You can easily find the apk of this game on many apk sites on the internet.
  • Installs fast, and you can start playing within a few minutes.
  • Freedom to play the game from anywhere on mobile.
  • Provides playability with low bandwidth internet.
  • You can get a richer, finer, and faster game-playing experience that can be expected with any Android-based IO game today.
  • There are easy controls and the sounds and graphics are rendered in superior quality to make the game more interesting for you.
  • The skins make the playing experience in apk much better for gamers. apk


  • Prompts that you share your data.
  • Comes with bugs that stop the game abruptly, and makes the game freeze at random. These need to be fixed.
  • Shows ads a little too often.
  • Do not give credit for the successes that you achieve.
  • Sometimes it can cause a freezing problem on the phone.

apk download

How to Play Apk?

Keep in mind that your tail is one of your chief vulnerabilities in the apk. If an opponent touches it, you will drop dead. Thus, you have to be careful and keep it safe from adversaries.

Ensure that your territory is always guarded well. In this game, nothing is really sure unless you own the entire territory in the gaming area. As stealing is not a crime here, nobody can really accuse your foes of trying to steal your space.

Whether you choose a careful or a bold and aggressive game-playing strategy, you have to find the best ways to outwit all your adversaries. Conquering the maximum amount of space is of course one of the best strategies to be a winner in the game and beat the malicious attempts of every other player.

To play the game easily on your android mobile phone, you must get the latest Android version. Thus, the possibility of any problems in the application of the game decreases.

How to Get Paperio Apk?

You can get it from many websites online that have apk files and programs on offer for games, software, etc. The apk can be downloaded and installed for free of cost and does not take up a lot of space or device memory. You can get it on the Google Play Android store for free.

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