How To Play Online? online online is quite like the other IO games that you are aware of. Your aim here is to cover the maximum possible area of the board by creating colored boxes. The game sees you battling for control over space. As a player, you need to maneuver and navigate a colored rectangular box and attempt to conquer new territories. In this game, you can compete against adversaries from across the globe.

How to Play Online Game? online is the online version of and you are supposed to play on the web, battling many others in an online ambiance – that needs you to have a constant online connection. This is a multiplayer game that seems to have been inspired by the traditional snake based games. Your objective here is to expand your whole area on the arena, or gaming map. Players control their snake with their mouse or W, A, S, D keyboard controls.

First, you need to begin with a moving box and an extremely small block of area. From there, you are supposed to take control of an area and include the same on your map. Draw a line and then link back the same to your own area. But you have to take care that it should not touch the line that you create. Else, you will suffer death. Try having the maximum possible amount of territories in the gaming area. online

What are the Best Gaming Strategies?

You can play this game with many friends. Learning the controls of the game is very simple, you can learn in a short time like 1 minute. Know about the various online gaming strategies.

  • Begin to fill color along the boundary. One by one, you have to cover all four corners.
  • Once you have covered all the corners, connect the endpoint to the point you have started from. This will help you to gobble up all the other players who are within the square that you have built.
  • It is important for you to be patient and avoid moving ahead in case you find some other color close by. Be patient as you play, and play with defensive tactics after your square across the corners/boundary is nearly complete.

Is the Game Worth Playing?

If you love simple online IO games that do not have difficult game-playing ambiance or strategies, you will like to give online a try! This is a simple game where you are supposed to use your own colors to paint the page. Try to expand in the region as much as possible, and beat all the other players who are there on the game map. Many players want to increase their ways of eliminating other players by learning tips and tricks.

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