Popular Paper.io Tips and Tricks

paper.io tips and tricks

Paper.io is a simple but challenging IO multiplayer game where you have to move a colored box and grab as much territory as possible. These are some Paper.io tips and tricks that can make the game-play easier for you.

Paper.io Tips and Tricks #1 – Play Defensively

First of all, you must protect your own space. Because enemies will try every way to make your space smaller. It is important to always keep a defensive tactic. However, whenever you can, be ruthless. In case you find anyone acting like a rookie and making a mistake, destroy him immediately for it.

Paper.io Tips and Tricks #2 – Prioritize Corners and Walls

Another of the best Paper.io tips and tricks is to try to take a corner and then expand it along the wall till you can reach the next one and seize it. Repeat this strategy. Keep in mind, however, that you should check back on the territory that you have captured prior. This will ensure that no one is able to take much land behind your back. You have to bear with small incursions into your territory, but it is a good idea to maximize your presence as much as possible everywhere, so as to prevent other players from becoming too aggressive.

paper.io tips and tricks

Avoid Greed

Greed is seldom good. In most cases, it ends up destroying players who try to capture too much territory at once, as it exposes their trail a little too much. It is important to have a patient approach.

Watch Your Tail

You should spend the minimum possible time with your tail that you expose near the screen edge, where you are unable to view the threats coming in. Try to remain closer to your own land so that you can close your loop fast whenever you find a threat approaching you. It is among the best Paper.io tips and tricks.

Close The Loop

In case you are trying to win very fast, avoid being concerned a lot about the middle. Simply stay along your walls and form a ring around the whole field. In case you are able to close the loop, you will be able to take control of everything within it as well. However, you might have to make quite a few attempts to do this. While using this trick, the most annoying this is to be unable to control the whole outer boundary. This is because when you are on the field’s other side, other players can find it convenient to capture all the walls that you are farther from. Thus, it can take longer than you might imagine.

These Paper.io tips and tricks can help you a lot to win the game. Paper.io 2 game tips and tricks will be released coming soon.

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